2018 Schedule

The David Festival was on sabbatical for a year in 2017; however, the DF Team is making plans for us to all be together again in 2018 – please join us!

Join Us!

This is what we did in 2016….

On Friday April 8 2016: David Festival Friday night worship concert with Redemption and Caves. 7-9pm at Uxbridge Baptist Church. (231 Brock St. West, Uxbridge, Ont.) All are welcome. ($2 at the door) This event is especially fitting for youth groups, teens & young adults. And join us also on Friday night for the Pastors/Leaders Workshop at New Song Anglican Church (limit 25, 14460 Simcoe St., Port Perry, Ont.) Image Management: Finding your Authentic Voice with Carolyn Arends (6:30-9:00pm). “The more we let God take us over, the more truly ourselves we become.” — C.S. Lewis. In this Friday night guided conversation, we’ll explore the invitations and potential pitfalls inherent in a call to spiritual leadership. How do we relinquish the burden of managing the perception of others and become truly ourselves? How do we allow God to shape the selves we become? Is it possible to get to a place where we can say with the Apostle Paul — without preference or soul-killing pressure — “Follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Cor.1:11)

On Saturday April 9 2016: The full day event features Carolyn Arends and a hands-onmenu of  workshops all presented in an easier-than-ever format in one day, under one roof at Uxbridge Baptist Church (231 Brock St. West, Uxbridge, Ont.)

Check out these amazing workshops available to you:

  • The Creative Process: Idea and Incarnation- Carolyn Arends
    We are creative because we are made in the image of the Creator. But how does creativity work? What elements and approaches most foster and nurture it? Whatever you are called to create—be it a song, worship service, sculpture, sermon, or business solution—understanding your process can help you better serve the work … and the world.
  • Gospel Choir 101 – Karen Burke
    Gospel Music is ‘whole body’ singing–it is and always has been about freedom. Come and experience the freedom of singing without print music but with great attention to rhythm and praise! Develop and confirm the skills of great musicianship that are the hallmarks of every great performance – great enunciation, expression and truth! Choirs are the best place to experience singing gospel music – it is a ‘we’ thing—let’s go!
  • Worship Band Essentials – Rob Robinet and Morningstar Christian Fellowship Worship Band
    How versatile is your worship band? Learn how you can adjust variables such as instrumentation, key, tempo, time signature, volume and style to customize a song for your worship band. Make your sound crisp and clear by clarifying the role of each instrument in a song. Knowing the end goal for your sound, you will learn new rehearsal techniques that will equip your band to play with excellence.
  • Why Aren’t We Singing: Some thoughts on Contemporary Worship– Spencer Capier
    Is there an increasing performance bias in contemporary worship? Has there been a loss of true congregational song leading? Is there a “hillsongification” of church music, as some writers have suggested? Through guided discussion, readings of a few small texts and, and listening to audio samples, I hope to begin or continue the conversation around some current issues in church music.
  • Prayer is WorshipBeth Graf
    Let’s cut through the pretentions and get to the crux. Come find answers to these questions: What is Prayer and Worship according to Scripture? What does it mean to worship and pray in Spirit and Truth? Why does this matter and what are the benefits, corporately and personally, of true worship and prayer?
  • Drama as Worship – Christie Warren
    This workshop will explore ways in which the dramatic arts can be implemented in worship, through a biblically-based discussion and time of skill development and experiential learning. Session will be hands-on and will include icebreakers/warm-ups, instruction in basic drama concepts, demonstration of drama within the flow of worship, and an opportunity to create and present a brief piece.
  • The Visual Worship Leader – Navigating the Journey of Media Arts in Corporate Worship – Jordan Baker & Mike Burkholder
    Think about the last time you had an experience that was moving, powerful and transcendent. Jesus Christ taught us to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30). Experiential worship engages the heart, soul, mind and body often through sight, sound and touch. This workshop will focus on the interaction of sight and sound in the corporate worship experience by exploring the role, value and some examples of visual media and lighting design.

    Sunday, April 10 2016 offers opportunity to join in worship with David Festival presenters. Carolyn Arends will speak and help lead worship at a joint service between Emmanuel Community Church and New Song Church in Port Perry (held at Emmanuel Community Church, 1680 Reach St., Port Perry, Ont. ). In Uxbridge, you can visit Uxbridge Baptist Church with MorningStar Worship Team. 

Whatever the art form used in worship, David Festival workshops are interactive, fun, challenging and contribute to the worship life of the home churches of participants.


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